How To Choose The Perfect Engagement Ring For Your Bride To Be

It’s hard to choose the perfect wedding ring. For this ,you have to be  prepared with the right amount of knowledge about what to look in a ring, type of metal and most important thing budget. I ‘m sure this will be  an enjoyable exercise  to find a desirable match with in a budget. In this article, you’ll learn which ring will be considerable for your beloved. Let’s start with step by step; How  to choose the perfect engagement ring for your bride to be.


Before going with  4 Cs (cut, color, clarity, and carat), you have to know what shape your future fiancé( groom and bride)love most. Because all the shape indicates the actual geometry of that stone, as opposed to cut, which relates to the angles of the facets in the stone.

Setting of the stone

An eminence setting ( the metal structure at the place where the stone is mounted) can set the perfect quality of a ring. The Bezel setting  gives modern look of a classic round engagement ring. If you want  traditional look, choose  trendy oval in a four-prong setting. It is an important thing to get the right combo of shape and setting .

Type of a Metal

The market has various options in terms of metal, you can easily consider  one of them. Platinum  is the most popular metal—quality of durability and especially the purity, do it by great hypoallergenic choice for brides and grooms with sensitive skin. Gold is also the best choice, which comes in a multiple colors, including white, yellow, rose, and even green. Beyond platinum and gold, you can also consider palladium (which has a grayer hue than platinum) or even a recycled metal band, which might include a mixture of platinum and gold. Think of it as a “something old” and “something new” all rolled into one.


Work Your Budget Well

Come out the myth of saving two months or three months salary; You must buy the best ring you can without going into major liability. If the size of ring bigger and your budget isn’t much bigger, go for a ring with a better table, or surface, area. You won’t get as much sparkle, but a one-carat ring will look much larger if the stone isn’t as deep. Don’t make the sacrifice for the  look of stone. Buying just shy of the next carat (1.8 instead of 2) can equal a savings of nearly 20 percent.


There are various companies selling designer engagement rings, but you must have on spy eye  because some of them are fake seller. We are living in the world of internet , but  it’s also risky to make online purchases. Though, It’s tough to find the best seller, you can take some help from your friends and family members. You can also go with top online sellers, they are trustworthy and have good reputation in the market. They provide full security and guarantee of their products.

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